Purchasing Activities

We are purchasing a great number of parts, materials, and equipment for our products, such as solenoids, actuators, and sensors.
Aiming at the realization of “world-first purchasing” through procurement of parts, materials, and equipment while maximizing quality, cost effectiveness, and delivery speed both in Japan and overseas, we promote purchasing activities in accordance with the 4 basic concepts indicated below.

Procurement basic principles

1Open-door policy

  • HAMANAKODENSO is open to all suppliers regardless of geographic location.
  • HAMANAKODENSO selects suppliers through fair competition, quality, technological capabilities, cost, delivery reliability, management organization and approach to kaizen, continuous improvements.

2Promoting "green procurement"

  • HAMANAKODENSO procures the parts/materials with a low impact on the environment from suppliers with environmental consciousness.

Green Procurement Guideline(PDF:1,628KB)

3Growing together based on mutual trust

  • HAMANAKODENSO plans to grow together with its suppliers through relationships based on mutual trust and close communications.

4Contribution to the local economy

  • HAMANAKODENSO contributes to local communities as a good corporate citizen through globalization of its operations and the promotion of localization activities.

5Compliance with relevant regulations and maintenance of confidence

  • HAMANAKODENSO's procurement activities thoroughly comply with all relevant rules and regulations. HAMANAKODENSO strictly maintains all confidential information acquired through its procurement activities.
  • HAMANAKODENSO is actively seeking world class partners who understand our policies and are willing to contribute to the mutual benefit and social and economic development of the world.

Suppliers which we are looking for

Type of business Japan Overseas
( local
Parts Metal Stamping Press Yes
(Deep drawn)
Plastic Molding Yes Yes
Cold Forging Yes Yes
Machining Yes Yes
Springs N/A Yes
Die-casting N/A N/A
Surface Treatment Yes
Heart Treatment N/A Yes
Materials Steel sheet Yes N/A
Wire for Cold forging Yes Yes
Copper Wire Yes Yes
Other Nonferrous Metals Yes N/A
Resins Yes Yes
Equipment Special / General Purpose Yes Yes
Electrical / Piping Work Yes Yes
Dies Plastic Molding Yes Yes
Metal Stamping Press Yes N/A

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