Supporting and changing the future of vehicles
through evolving technologies of coil winding and precision plastic molding

HAMANAKODENSO’s core technologies

Technology1Coil winding technology

The top-level technology in the industry for high-speed regular winding, boasting a winding speed of 28 m/s .

Our superb coil winding technology supports the high quality of solenoid products, our key products. We have developed our own winding machine with a world-leading technology that enables beautiful regular winding at a speed of 28 m/s. This high-speed technology has helped us reduce the cost of production equipment. Meanwhile, the beautiful completed regular winding realized through this technology has stabilized the quality of our coil products, ensuring they remain highly competitive. We will continue promoting engineering development to further upgrade our technologies.

Technology1 巻線技術 Technology1 巻線技術

Technology2Precision plastic molding technology

Precision plastic molding technology drastically improving our production lines

To develop small and more sophisticated products, another of our core technologies, precision plastic molding, is essential. We design and manufacture our own molds, which play a key role in precision plastic molding. Our high-speed regular coil winding was also realized thanks to our original technologies used for processing molded parts.
This technology has also enabled us to establish an integrated production system that combines coil products and sensor parts through precision plastic molding into final products on one production line. We will continue our efforts to achieve high-cycle molding to increase the speed of the precision plastic molding production process. Concurrently, we will also strive to continue reducing costs, aiming for introduction of one-piece flow production.

Glossary: One-piece flow production

A production system in which only one piece is conveyed at a time between processes, not multiple pieces together. This system helps reduce wasted inventory and time, makes it easier to find defective pieces, and thus leads to kaizen.

Technology2 Precision plastic molding technology Technology2 Precision plastic molding technology

Production technology evolving HAMANAKODENSO’s monozukuri, the act of manufacturing

Production technology

The origin of HAMANAKODENSO’s manufacturing over the past 70 years is our integrated system of production. For our company’s first product, a horn, every process is internally completed from design and prototyping to parts processing, production equipment development, and assembly. The benefits of using an integrated production system include that it is not easily affected by parts costs or other social factors, and that it can provide a stable supply of high-quality, low-priced products. Also, in manufacturing other products such as solenoid products, we are promoting development of production equipment and manufacture of major parts completely inside the company to better respond to customers’ needs.
These production technologies take one of the key roles in our company to realize products with satisfactory quality, cost, and delivery time. Highly evaluated, our flexible and practical technologies have earned awards year after year throughout the Denso group. Never be satisfied with the current situation, and offer new and amazing products that delight customers. With such passion, we will continue improving our world-leading product competitiveness.

Production technology

Enhancing global competitiveness by changing our plants


We are promoting efforts to change our plants by automating production lines and reducing their space. To realize an efficient plant with a pleasant work environment for our employees is also one of the missions that our production technology aims to achieve. With our goal of reducing equipment costs and areas in half, In FY2016 we developed a new soldering technology as a practical application and received a patent for it. This was achieved through our passion to realize the world’s lowest prices through technology development, enhance our global competitiveness, and thereby protect Japan’s monozukuri culture. We are determined to keep on increasing our product share in global markets through the synergy of our overseas expansion efforts and concentrated production in Japan. To this end, we are actively seeking opportunities in IoT solutions and industry-university collaborative research.


Quality assurance to protect the trust placed in HAMANAKODENSO

Quality assurance to protect the trust placed

Since its founding, HAMANAKODENSO has strived, as defined in its declaration of corporate behavior, to provide safe, high-quality products that garner customers’ trust and satisfaction. Each of our employees continues to address quality improvement ever conscious of working for a manufacturer of automobile parts that protects people’s lives.

Quality assurance to protect the trust placed

1Quality Assurance System

At HAMANAKODENSO, we focus on developing a reliable system for quality assurance and on nurturing engineers and technicians through hands-on education and training.

1 Quality Assurance System

2Quality Assurance Equipment

We inspect the quality of our products from various perspectives, through different means, such as precision measurement using 3D measuring instruments, physical testing using a wide variety of analyzing equipment, internal observations with X-rays, and stress tests for vibration, temperature, and humidity.

2 Quality Assurance Equipment

3Future efforts

Looking resolutely toward the future, we are addressing establishing advanced technologies required to ensure the high quality of our products in new fields such as preventive safety and fuel efficiency.

3 Future efforts