HAMANAKODENSO CO.,LTD. (hereafter referred to as the Company), recognizing the importance of its obligation as a business operator handling personal information of all people who provide personal information to the Company, has established a "Privacy Policy" as presented below.


Personal Information mentioned in this Policy refers to any information that is provided to our company by our customers that may be used to identify an individual customer, such as an address, name, telephone number, or e-mail address, or any proprietary information of the individual customer.


Personal information the Company acquires shall be in principle the information voluntarily provided by the customers.

We collect personal information only to the extent that is necessary to accomplish the purpose which is explicitly disclosed to the customers.
If you do not wish to provide (register) the personal information we seek, you may decline to do so at your sole discretion.

In such cases, you may not be able to access some of the services we offer through the Company’s Websites.

Purpose & Limit of Use

The Company will use your personal information to respond to your questions, requests, and applications, to implement agreements concluded between you and the Company, and to provide you with useful information concerning products, services, etc.

When intending to acquire or use your personal information for any other purposes, the Company will notify you of or disclose to the public in advance the purpose and the method of using the information.

Also, the Company may use your personal information as statistical data in personally unidentifiable forms.

Principle of the Non-disclosure to a 3rd Party

The Company will not disclose to any third parties any personal information you provided (registered) to us, except in the following cases:

  1. You have consented to disclosure.
  2. It is necessary to disclose your personal information to our group company, affiliate, partner, or subcontractor with whom we have a confidentiality agreement in order to accomplish the purpose of use which we have revealed earlier.
  3. Your personal information has been processed into statistical data that will not disclose your identity.
  4. Law requires disclosure.


Our information management chief and the administrator of each website maintains stringent management of the personal information that has been collected, and appropriate measures are taken to prevent leakage, unauthorized use, modification, etc. of the information. When specific terms of use are posted on the website of the Company, such terms of use shall supersede this Privacy Policy.

We will also provide our associates with education concerning direct handling of personal information to ensure its protection.

Compliance & Improvement

The Company shall comply with all the laws, official notices, and other regulations concerning protection of personal information and will work on continuous improvements for proper handling of personal information.

We will also reflect the improvements in this Privacy Policy.