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Social Contributions

Various Support Activities

We promote various support activities to make contributions to society.

Donating used clothes
  • Donating used clothes
  • Donating used clothes

Through NPOs, we provide used clothes for refugees, evacuees, disaster victims, and all the other people suffering a shortage of clothes all over the world since 2004.

Participating in WAFCA (NPO : Wheelchairs & Friendship Center of Asia)
  • Participating in WAFCA
  • Participating in WAFCA

We actively support WAFCA, an NPO established by DENSO since 2001.

Eco-cap collection
  • Eco-cap collection

We provide polio vaccines by sending plastic bottle caps through NPOs since 2010.

Supporting recovery of disaster-affected areas
  • Supporting recovery of disaster-affected areas

We extend active support for recovery of disaster-hit areas.

In 2011, our support focused on areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Blood Donation
  • Blood Donation
  • Blood Donation

As a blood donation supporter, HAMANAKODENSO encourages associates to participate in blood donation drive (4 times in a year) since 2001.

Selling cookies at a welfare hall
  • 福祉施設のクッキー販売

We periodically support “Fukufuku”, a vocational training facility for the disabled operated by the local social welfare corporation Futaba, in selling their hand-made cookies, etc. since 2008.