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Social Contributions

Traffic Safety

To achieve "Zero Traffic Accidents", we promote various activities as a member of the automotive industry.


  • 1. Creating & Sharing the in-house safety slogans
  • 2. Self safety declaration by all associates
  • 3. Safety encouragement promotion by executives
Encouragement for safe driving
  • 交通安全立哨

Before holidays, we remind our associates and neighbors about safe driving

since 1997

Traffic Mirror Cleaning Campaign
  • カーブミラー清掃

We’re cleaning roadside mirrors around neighboring schools to contribute to regional traffic safety since 2015.

K-MIX (Shizuoka FM Radio Station) Safety Challenge Rally 150
  • K-MIX セーフティーチャレンジラリー150

Three-member teams rally to achieve no accidents and violations for 150 days. All associates actively participate in this program since 2005.