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Social Contributions

Coexistence with Community

We promote environmental conservation activities for local communities.

Lake Hamana Cleaning Campaign (organized by Kosai and Hamamatsu cities)
  • Lake Hamana Cleaning Campaign
  • Lake Hamana Cleaning Campaign

We actively participate in the Hamanako Cleaning Campaign since 2004.

Omotehama beach nourishment
  • Omotehama beach nourishment
  • Omotehama beach nourishment

We participate in making sediment fences and other beach nourishment activities to create a spawning environment for loggerhead turtles, a species in danger of extinction, on Kojima Beach of Atsumi Peninsula since 2008.

Green Curtain Project
  • Green Curtain Project

To contribute to the prevention of global warming, we grow goya (bitter gourds) on the company premises to make a green curtain since 2011. This green curtain prevents room temperature from rising.