Healthcare Declaration


Healthcare Declaration


Having the corporate mission of being a company trusted and counted on by people around the world, HAMANAKODENSO CO., LTD. is proactively committed to ensuring each employee’s health.
Making combined efforts and continuing to advance to achieve targets and develop a brilliant future,
we herewith declare our commitment to building a corporate culture to enable employees to work in a healthy and vital manner.

Key Healthcare Actions

1Physical health

We build a workplace where employees can be healthy both mentally and physically, by creating a comfortable environment using measures that ensure safe handling of heavy objects and reduce exposure to noise.
We also commit ourselves to improving employees’ health by ensuring that they have a physical checkup and by providing various healthcare programs.
Since 2019 we recommend that employees have a comprehensive physical checkup, to raise their awareness of their own physical condition.

2Mental health

We provide employees with both stress and physical checkups for overwork-caused problems, and we aid those on leave because of illness through a work rehabilitation program during the leave and before and after they return to work.
In the future, we will more closely analyze stress checkup results for each workplace and reduce health risks together with the members of the workplace.

3Work style reform

The employer and employees together have established a work style reform committee. The members of each workplace have taken the initiative in reforming their work style with “awareness improvement,” “work improvement” and “environment improvement” in mind, and employees today take more paid holidays than before with less overtime work.

By enabling employees to maintain a better work-life balance and stay physically and mentally healthy,
and by helping them to be more refreshed, we hope to be a stronger and more attractive company in the future.

August 1, 2019

Shinsuke Yamaguchi

Organizational structure

We, Health Promotion in Human Resources and General affairs Dept., are conducting measures to maintain and promote the health of our employees in cooperation with the Safety and Health Environment Committee and other departments.
Receiving support from DENSO Corporation's Health Promotion Department and Denso Health Insurance Society, we will actively work on various health promotion measures.

Organizational structure Organizational structure