HAMANAKODENSO aims to help realize a sustainable society. To this end, we are striving to develop environmentally friendly products and reduce the environmental burden of our business activities. We also actively promote environmental activities to protect the beautiful environment of the regions in which we operate.


DENSO group formulates the EcoVision every 10 years as a long-term commitment toward environmental management and policies. Furthermore, an Environmental Action Plan is formulated every five years to embody the commitments and environmental polices established in the EcoVision.

DENSO's EcoVision


Environmental Policy

HAMANAKODENSO is promoting environmental preservation activities through automobile system control production business for contributing to save a sustainable society.

1Compliance with environmental legal requirments

We comply with environment-related laws / regulations and agreements and strive to improve our environmental management.

2Global environment protection

We promote environmentally-friendly production activities by reducing burdens on the environment as much as possible.

3Effective resources utilization and appropriate waste management

We strive to reduce waste by improving technologies for resource saving, energy saving and recycling.

4Social contributions

We have established good ties with local communities and actively participate in environmental protection activities of local communities.

Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities Environmental Activities

ISO 14001 Certifications

Month & Year Activity
Head Office & Plant received ISO14001 certification.
Kibi Plant received ISO14001 certification.
"Zero Emissions" were achieved.
HAMADEN P.S CO.,LTD. received "Eco Stage" certification.
HAMADEN VIETNAM CO.,LTD.(HDVN) received ISO14001 certification.
HAMADEN MEXICO S.A.DE C.V.(HDMX) received ISO14001 certification.

Reducing Industrial Waste

We started promoting recycling of waste in 2000 and achieved Zero Emissions in May 2002.
We are now promoting activities to reduce waste and to shift from thermal recycling to resource recycling.

Energy Saving by LED lights

Energy Saving by LED lights

Antipollution Measures by sewage works

Antipollution Measures by sewage works

PEF Activities (company-wide energy-saving activities)

Implementing / promoting energy-saving activities to prevent global warming

PEF Activities (company-wide energy-saving activities) PEF Activities (company-wide energy-saving activities)

Energy-Saving Activities

  1. Energy saving for air conditioners
  2. Power off equipment on holidays
  3. Improving heat insulation of forming machines,constant temperature baths,and reflow furnaces
  4. Improving heat insulation of forming machine material driers
  5. Adoption for inverter system
  6. Introduction of intermittent air blow
  7. Improving activity for air leak
  8. Energy-saving patrol

Clean Energy Introduction in 2008

Solar power 30Kw Solar power 30Kw

We are working on CO2 reduction by introducing clean energy.
Electric power generated by Solar Photovoltaic System is used for PCs and servers.

Air leak reduction activity by Introduction of air leak simulator

Air leak simulator Air leak simulator

An air leak simulator has been installed to let employees experience air leakage through tactile sensation and the sound produced when air leaks, and to see how the sensation and sound changes according to the amount of air that is leaked. Experiences on the simulator help employees better detect air leakage, which can cause wasted energy, at the worksite, leading to improved air leak prevention.

Example of the CO2 reduction activity : Thermal insulation improvement of a continuous furnace for hardening

We have installed thermal insulation on the continuous hardening furnace to increase thermal efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. (Performance: CO2 reduction : 0.72t CO2/year)

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