Corporate Philosophy

Upholding our corporate philosophy and embodying the DENSO Spirit-values and beliefs shared by all DENSO Group employees-we will strive to remain a company that is trusted and expected by people around the world.

Original mission statement

Original mission statement
  • To be trustworthy and responsible.
  • To be pioneering, innovative, and creative.
  • To create quality products and services.
  • To challenge, proceed and cooperate for the future.

DENSO Spirit

A spirit of foresight, credibility and collaboration

The DENSO Spirit expresses values and beliefs shared by DENSO group associates that have driven us to contribute to the automotive industry and society.

DENSO Spirit DENSO Spirit


  • VisionAnticipate change
  • CreativityCreate new values
  • ChallengeOvercome difficulties


  • Quality FirstEnsure the best quality for our customers
  • On-site VerificationGrasp the facts firmly
  • Kaizen, Continuous ImprovementStrive to reach higher levels


  • CommunicationUnderstand one another completely
  • TeamworkDo your best as a team
  • Human Development Develop yourself and the next generation