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Pneumatic Control

Purge Valve (DCV : Duty Control Valve)

An electromagnetic valve to supply the gasoline vapor (HC) generated in a fuel tank to the engine according to the driving status, by controlling flow rate in response to electric signals.

Electric Vacuum Regulating Valve (EVRV)

EVRV is for diesel engines, and controls the EGR equipment's valves, which takes out some of the exhaust gas from the exhaust control system and recirculates it into the air intake system of the engine, so as to reduce NOx emissions.
It is also used to control the turbo boost pressure of small diesel turbo engines.

Electric Combination Valve (ECV)

An electric valve that sends air from the air pump to the catalyst to accelerate activation of the catalyst, for the purpose of reducing emissions of hazardous substances (HC) contained in car exhaust gas.

Evaporative Leak Check Module (ELCM)

ELCM checks leakage of gasoline vapor(HC) from fuel tanks, pipes, etc.,

Vapor Containment Valve

An electromagnetic valve to prevent generation of gasoline vapor (HC) by tightly closing the fuel tank during parking and driving.