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Environmental Activities

Based on the Company’s environmental policy, the following positions have been established to promote environmental activities.

Environmental management organization

ISO 14001 Certifications

Month & Year Activity
January 2000 Head Office & Plant received ISO14001 certification.
February 2002 Kibi Plant received ISO14001 certification.
May 2002 “Zero Emissions” were achieved.
March 2003 PT. HAMADEN INDONESIA MANUFACTURING(HDI) received ISO14001 certification.
June 2003 HAMADEN・P・S CO., LTD. received “Eco Stage” certification.

Reducing Industrial Waste

We started promoting recycling of waste in 2000 and achieved Zero Emissions in May 2002.
We are now promoting activities to reduce waste and to shift from thermal recycling to resource recycling.

  • Energy Saving by LED lights
    LED lights
  • Antipollution Measures by sewage works
    Antipollution Measures by sewage works

PEF Activities (company-wide energy-saving activities)

Implementing / promoting energy-saving activities to prevent global warming

PEF Activities

Energy-Saving Activities

  • 1.Energy saving for air conditioners
  • 2.Power off equipment on holidays
  • 3.Improving heat insulation of forming machines,constant temperature baths,and reflow furnaces
  • 4.Improving heat insulation of forming machine material driers
  • 5.Adoption for inverter system
  • 6.Introduction of intermittent air blow
  • 7.Improving activity for air leak
  • 8.Energy-saving patrol
Clean Energy Introduction in 2008
Solar power 30Kw

We are working on CO2 reduction by introducing clean energy.
Electric power generated by Solar Photovoltaic System is used for PCs and servers.

Air leak reduction activity by Introduction of air leak simulator
Air leak simulator
  1. ①Plug in the simulator and open the air source valve.

  2. ②Check air pressure. *0.4 Mpa
  3. ③Open the valve of the sample to simulate.

  4. ④Feel the amount of air leak. *Touch, sound
  5. ⑤Check the amount of air leak.
  6. ⑥Check the amounts of CO2 emissions and cost loss by referring to the conversion table.

*Use this air leak simulatior for the improvement of your worksite! Unplug the simulator after use and close the air source valve. (Power OFF, close air source valve)

Example of the CO2 reduction activity : Thermal insulation improvement of a continuous furnace for hardening
  • Before
  • After

*Constant temperature bath CO2 reduction : 0.72 t CO2/year