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Corporate Philosophy

・To be trustworthy and responsible.
・To devote ourselves to research and development, always ahead of the times.
・To contribute to society by providing the best quality and services.
・To be cooperative to achieve our goals towards a bright future

Declaration of corporate behavior

  1. HAMANAKODENSO, as a DENSO group company will actively contribute toward the sustainable development of society through sincere business activities
    in each country and region.
    • We will honor the culture and history of each country and region. We will strive trustworthily to operate with respect for people, and promote business activities to earn the trust of our stakeholders, under the leadership of our management of each company.
    • We will comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law and promote ethical behavior.
      We will promote open and fair information disclosure and dialogue.
    • We will anticipate changes and challenge in order to create new values.
      Also we will work to ensure the best quality by focusing upon on-site verification and implementing "kaizen" (continuous improvement).
    • We will work toward the development of our associates by encouraging communication and teamwork.
  2. Responsibility to Customers

    For customers' trust and satisfaction, we will create "new values".

    • Based on our “Customer First” policy, we will develop and provide fascinating, safe products and services of high quality with advanced technology to respond to customers' espectations.
    • We will properly manage our intellectual property rights and strive not to infringe others, and protect personal information of customers and everyone else we are engaged in business.
  3. Responsibility to Associates

    We will respect our associates and provide a work environment that encourages each individual's dynamic work.

    • We will maintain and improve a safe and healthy working environment for all our associates.
    • We will build and share a sense of "mutual trust and responsibility" with associates through sincere communication and dialogue.
    • We will support fair work conditions and employment opportunities to encourage success within a diverse workforce. Also, we will honor human rights and will not tolerate any form of forced or child labor.
  4. Responsibility to shareholders

    We will strive to enhance corporate value and encourage dialogue with shareholders.

    • We will strive to enhance corporate value while achieving stable and long-term growth.
    • We will strive for transparency through timely and fair disclosure and dialogue regarding our operating and financial conditions.
  5. Responsibility to suppliers

    We will maintain open, fair and transparent dealings.

    • Our doors will be open to the suppliers throughout the world as we pursue fairness in all business transactions.
    • We will respect our suppliers as business partners, and aim for mutual growth based on mutual trust.
  6. Responsibility to International and Local Communities

    We will aim for harmonious growth with the environment by proactively working toward environment protection throughout all areas of business activities.

    • We will seek an optimal balance between environment, such as climate change and biodiversity, and economy in the way we develop technologies, operate our facilities, and act as individual associates.

    We will work toward philanthropic activities that contribute to the harmony and well-being of each regional society in which we conduct business operations.

    • We will promote activities aimed at building a better future for each region, both independently and in partnership with community organizations.

    We will comply with each country's competition laws and endeavor to maintain sound and fair business operations.

    • We will strive to ensure free and fair competition and will not tolerate behavior that violates competition laws such as cartels.
    • We will not tolerate collusion and bribery, and will maintain honest and fair relationships with government agencies and public authorities.