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We provide "world-first superior products " to our world customers.

We have the Head Office in Kosai-city, Shizuoka Prefecture where you can see the beautiful landscape of the Lake HAMANA.
Here is the birthplace of Sakichi Toyoda : the founder of TOYOTA GROUP, and we established in 1950 as a company that inherit his will and practice it in this area.
Since then, we had been engaged in "Monozukuri ( the art of making things )".

Through untiring efforts in improving our core-technologies that support consistent manufacturing processes from material processing to assembly, we have developed the best world-class products and technologies in the fields of solenoids, coil winding and precise plastic molding.
Today, however, faced with energy saving and environmental preservation issues and rapid globalization of the market, the automobile industry has been urged to undergo an unprecedented scale of reform.
We will contribute to the promotion of this reform by improving our basic technologies and skills, pursuing cutting-edge technologies, and providing world-first superior products to our customers.

Here is one of Sakichi’s last teachings: "Open your mind, and look at the great world outside".
This instruction has cultivated our corporate philosophy of respecting challenges in the new world.
HAMANAKODENSO will continue to meet challenges in the world market by developing new technologies.

Akio Tajima, President