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Advanced Production Engneering Technologies

Plastic molding and coil winding technologies
Consistent production from parts processing to assembly

Car components require excellent durability against continuous driving under severe conditions, such as sudden temperature change or vibrations.
We have met to customer needs by challenging technical limits while enhancing our technologies cultivated over 60 years since the company’s inception.

All these efforts have been supported by our high-quality production environment, self-developed production facilities utilizing original know-how, and top-class precise processing technologies based on effective human resource training.
We have adopted an “Self Improvement Cycle Production System” :all production steps are processed at HAMANAKODENSO, and we meet to higher level customer demands, such as cost reduction from the trial production phase, quality improvement, and enhanced confidentiality.

In addition, we are building monozukuri-structures, such as a flexible production process system (modularization of facilities) and a foolproof backup system to thoroughly address various customer needs.

Sophisticated, advanced coil winding
Proactive product proposals

The core of coil production is coil winding technology, which is essential to solenoid products.
These products, such as car components, require excellent durability under any kind of environment.
We developed and introduced our own coil winding machine, with which we have succeeded in not only winding copper wire but also automating complicated operations like “karage,”* enabling us to produce solenoids with greater precision at higher speeds and with greater price-competitiveness.

In addition to receiving and fulfilling orders, we also proactively propose new products to our customers using our advanced technology and know-how.

*karage: complicated process of winding copper wire around terminals (for electrical connections)

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