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Self Improvement Cycle Production System

Applying an “Self Improvement Cycle Production System” in our plants
to provide the best quality products to our customers

To provide the best quality products, we are aiming to be an "self improvement cycle production system" in our plants.

This is a production environment that encourages company-wide efforts to promote worksite-oriented kaizen activities and enables kaizen cycles to keep spiraling upward autonomously and continuously.

It aims not only at improving the level of technologies / skills, but also at pursuing 2S (Seiri [clearing] and Seiton [arrangement]), visualization of each process, and increasing frequency of receiving and shipping so as to achieve as close as possible to zero inventory and zero defects and a shift to compact production equipment with less waste.

Also, by encouraging participation by all members to raise worksite motivation, we will strive to establish a system capable of promptly responding to market needs.


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